Heat Treatment

Heat treatment for your success

In our furnaces and quenching pools with re-cooling possibilities we treat work-pieces for our customers and partners from our own or external production.

Low-stress, normal and soft annealing, TH and FP annealing

As we have furnaces with large measurements – up to 4,000 mm high and 13,000 mm long – we are also able to treat large steel constructions besides single components.

Tempering and quenching to 12.60 m and an individual weight of 30 t

In quenching pools with lengths of up to 12,600 mm and high performance circulation pumps we are able to cool down our work pieces and constructions equally and in a controlled way. Since we coordinate our computer-based bath technology individually with the geometry of the respective component, we are able to achieve the desired properties of the product.

Low-stress annealing with von Schaewen Polska Sp. z o.o

From October 2012 onwards, von Schaewen Polska Sp. z o.o. will have a furnace for stress relief annealing. The 4,000 x 4,000 x 8,000 mm hood-type furnace with a capacity of 70 t is designed for the heat treatment of the large welded structures and their components manufactured there.

Documentation of all heat treatment parameters

After finishing a product, we provide our customers on their request with an extensive and meaningful documentation which logically shows both the product specific process of the heat treatment and the mechanical properties

Optimally coordinated production possibilities

Every von Schaewen product, from the forged piece, to the flame-cut part, to the welded steel structure, can be machined or pre-machined upon request, up to the point of ready to be installed tool or machine components. Our offer is made complete by the appropriate heat treatment process for achieving the material properties you require.