von schaewen GmbH Innovation based on tradition

Innovative for 90 years based on tradition

As a family-owned business in the third generation we stand for traditional values and future-orient-ed corporate planning. Since our foundation by Wilhelm von Schaewen in 1931, we have developed a culture of adaptability and eagerness for innovation which has had an impact on each following generation in its own way.

Nowadays, we produce a wide variety of high quality steel products at our three locations in Germany and one in Poland. The internationally-oriented business is supported by representatives from e.g. the Iberian peninsular, Turkey, Finland such as North- and South America. In this way, we can act globally but always close to the customer.

Corporate development History


We are celebrating our 90th company anniversary.


Expansion of the international-orientation of the business through the foundation of a reprentative in the USA.


Errection of a new production facility in Poland to extend the welding and shot blasting business. Introduction of the flame cutting business in Polen by adding two flame cutting machines to the new facility.


Expansion of the international-orientation of the business through the foundation of a reprentative in Finland.

2005 - 2010

Construction of the Wetter site with 30-MN open-die forging press, heat-treating facility, mechanical processing machinery as well as a training centre.
Installation of new heat treatment facility in Hückeswagen and Wetter
Commissioning of a certified welding company in Essen
Establishment of representative offices in Spain and Turkey
Establishment of a welding shop in Poland

1999 - 2004

Establishment of a 16/20-MN- and a 7,3-MN-open-die forging press in Hückeswagen
Foundation of von Schaewen Polska


Foundation of the merchant bars warehouse in Hückeswagen


Extension of the flame cutting and sawing plant and Setting up the mechanical processing plant on the Essen site


Purchase of a hammer mill at the site of today‘s forging plant in Hückeswagen


Establishment of a sheet metal and steel slab warehouse in Essen Vogelheim


Reorientation from steel trading to a production company


Foundation of the company by Wilhelm von Schaewen