Packaging and Dispatching

Safe on the road

We send the steel on the road – safe, easy and on schedule.

Own truck fleet, own railroad connection and calibrated weighing stations available

After the production we pack and deliver the order to the desired destination. For this purpose a truck fleet as well as calibrated weighing stations are at our disposal. Furthermore, we have access to our own railway connection on-site, enabling a transport via cargo train.

Well protected for transport

Larger components are packed on wooden beams, in boxes or on steel frames prior to transport. Smaller components are wrapped in plastic foil and stored on Euro pallets, so that they are protected from environmental influences during the transport. In the case of a transport by sea, we provide special packaging. Prior to dispatching, all processed components are protected from corrosion by means of an appropriate preservative, such as Tectyl.

Organization of over-wide, heavy and special transports

If a special need for logistics results from an order, for example a heavy transport, then we will organize this for our customers.

Documents and Customs Management

Logistics is not just packaging and transport for us, but it‘s also the organisation of and compliance with all occuring customs and export regulations. We take on the complete documentation management up to the processing for each delivery.