Forged Products

Master of diversity

When it comes to forged steel, we are master of diversity. For we provide a product range from forged raw parts to processed, ready-to-use components for virtually all customer requirements.

Up to 13 m in length and an individual weight of 30 tonnes

In both of our forging plants we design every desired forging part up to a weight of 30 tons and a length of 13 metres.

3 CNC open-die forging presses

With our three forging presses with 7, 20 and 30 MN pressing force we produce open-die forgings and forged bars made of alloyed and unalloyed steel for each demand. Our efficient production and high quality products are appreciated mainly by customers in the mechanical and plant engineering industry, especially heavy engineering, press and rolling mill construction. Even in research reactors our products have been used.


Contract forging of special materials

We also forge special materials, such as copper, titanium and nickel base alloys for our customers on a regular basis, which is why we know exactly about their possible fields of application, processing and properties.

Special construction steel HYT 60®

For more than 20 years we have been producing the special construction steel HYT 60® which was developed by ourselves, ideally combining the advantages of both cast iron and steel; it is easy to machine and has good mechanical properties at the same time. Due to this unique combination, it has proved itself particularly in the construction of valves and hydraulic systems being predominantly used in control blocks. This steel is – just like all of our other products in the merchant bar range – available in different sizes in our warehouse anytime, enabling us to react to enquiries at short notice.

Heat treatment in our own facilities

Our offer is made complete by the appropriate heat treatment process for achieving the strength properties you require.  In addition to stress relief annealing, normalizing and soft annealing, annealing in order to obtain ferritic – pearlitic structure, annealing in order to obtain increased strength and annealing in order to reduce quenching stress, we can also quench and temper parts in-house up to 12.60 m in length, and with individual weights of up to 30 tonnes.

Dokumented Quality

Our experienced personnel and our certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 ensure a consistently high level of quality of our products and services. Certifications from the classification companies TÜV CERT, DNV-GL, LR, ABS, BV and RMRS impressively support this.

Optimally coordinated production possibilities

Every von Schaewen product, from the forged piece, to the flame-cut part, to the welded steel structure, can be machined or pre-machined upon request, up to the point of ready to be installed tool or machine components. Our offer is made complete by the appropriate heat treatment process for achieving the material properties you require.

max. sizemax. sizemax. lengthmax. weight
Merchant BarsRound: 1,250 mm ØSquare: 1,200 mm13,000 mm30,000 kg
ShaftsFlange-Ø: 1,400 mmBale-Ø: 1,250 mm13,000 mm30,000 kg
Bushings/cylindersOutside-Ø: 1,600 mmInside-Ø: 950 mm5,000 mm25,000 kg
Flat dimensionsThickness: 1,100 mmWidth: 2,100 mm13,000 mm30,000 kg
Punched discs/discsØ: 2,400 mmHeight: 1,200 mm 25,000 kg
RingsOutside-Ø: 2,500 mmInside-Ø: 1,900 mmHeigth: 2,200 mm20,000 kg