Energy Management

Energy Efficiency is our concern.

The steel processing industry is one of the most energy-intensive businesses. The forging and heat-treating furnaces are heated with natural gas; the firing machines use various fuel and cutting gases and the forging presses consume huge amounts of electricity with their large-scale electric motors.  Furthermore, fuel is also consumed in the transportation of work pieces from the processing plants to the customers.

In order to nevertheless fulfil our demands regarding the sustainability of our products, in July 2015, we implemented an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 at all our locations in Germany. This does not only influence our organisational and technical processes, but also the way we behave. We wish to use energy in our production processes efficiently and with added value. Moreover we have a duty to reduce our energy consumption in the long-term and to constantly improve our energy-related performance.

This goal is not simply regarded as a management issue. All employees play their role in energy management and pay attention to energy-efficiency in their daily business. Through improvement suggestions, numerous measures to increase energy-efficiency have already been successfully modified and implemented.

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