Shot Blasting and Priming

Well protected

We refine the surfaces of our workpieces in a manner that they precisely meet the requirements they were ordered for.

Shot blasting of workpieces in two blasting systems with up to 80 t capacity.

We descale and shot blast construction parts in our shot blasting plants in Essen and Poland. After that, they receive a first or final coat.

Shot blasting acc. to DIN II A 55928 SA 2,5, ISO 8501-1 or a customer specific norm

The shot blasting is carried out according to DIN II A 55928 SA 2,5, ISO 8501-1 or a custom-er specific norm. The larger of our two shot blasting plants on the site in Essen has the dimensions 550 x 2,100 x 8,000 mm. Additionally, we have a mobile shot blasting device for work pieces exceeding these dimensions, such as complete plates or large press frameworks. Thus, also partial areas of a work piece can be shot blast.

With the dimensions of 5,100 x 6,700 x 12,000 mm and a capacity of 80 tons the “von Schaewen Polska Sp. z o.o.” possesses an enormous shot blasting facility for the treatment of steel constructions which are produced there.

Well protected for transport or installation

Besides the shot blasting, we also prime the construction parts manually in-house in order to make them resistant to environmental impacts. In cooperation with one of our certified and regularly audited partner companies (which is carried out by ourselves), we are also able to offer machine-primed, coated or painted work pieces.