Merchant Bars

Round and square bars

When it is all about merchant bars, then that is where we excel, while others fall by the wayside. In this way we are able to guarantee the short term availability of our customers’ desired dimensions in the required material.

Sawn merchant bars

With more than 30 horizontal bandsaws we cut rectangle flat bars and round steel sections up to 1,500 x 2,000 mm or 1,500 mm diameter.

Merchant bars are in stock from 170 to 1,300 mm diameter

In our warehouses we permanently supply round and square bars of numerous materials with diameters of up to 1,300 mm, weighing approx. 10,000 tons.

Documented Quality

On request we, as the manufacturer, provide mill certificates 3.1 or acceptance certificates 3.2 according to DIN EN 10204. The acceptance testing of the materials in accordance with the classification societies, and all conventional ultrasonic inspection standards (including DIN, SEP) are likewise included in our range of services.

Heat treatment in our own facilities

Our offer is made complete by the appropriate heat treatment process for achieving the strength properties you require.  In addition to stress relief annealing, normalizing and soft annealing, annealing in order to obtain ferritic – pearlitic structure, annealing in order to obtain increased strength and annealing in order to reduce quenching stress, we can also quench and temper parts in-house up to 12.60 m in length, and with individual weights of up to 30 tonnes.

Pre- or finish machining including drilling

But we can do a lot more: upon request we pre- or finish-drill and/or turn our merchant bars in our own facilities to make sure that our customers are able to further process their product easily.

Optimally coordinated production possibilities

Every von Schaewen product, from the forged piece, to the flame-cut part, to the welded steel structure, can be machined or pre-machined upon request, up to the point of ready to be installed tool or machine components. Our offer is made complete by the appropriate heat treatment process for achieving the material properties you require.

Round bar steel

S355Ø 200 - 1,250 mm
C45Ø 180 - 1,300 mm
42CrMo4VØ 170 - 1,250 mm
18CrNiMo7-6FPØ 170 - 1,210 mm
34CrNiMo6VØ 170 - 800 mm
25CrMo4VØ 170 - 510 mm
30CrNiMo8Ø 200 - 800 mm
C60Ø 150 - 600 mm
16MnCr5Ø 200 - 600 mm
20MnCr5Ø 200 - 600 mm

Square steel

S355170 - 400 mm
C45170 - 600 mm
42CrMo4V170 - 400 mm
HYT60®50 - 150 x 550 x 3,000 mm
or 160 - 550 mm

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