Reference Splinded Shaft

stepped shaft;
heat treated;
MTC DIN EN 10204/3.1B

Business Activities:
Large-scale mechanics

End Use:
module for crusher plant

diameter 200 mm round, 450 mm square, length 2,200 mm

Raw/Finish Weight:
2.3 to (finish)

Steel Grade:

Full Description:

An important component part in the process of the extraction of raw materials is preparation. Crushing plants are used in open cast mining or quarrying for the preparation of e.g. rock, ore or oil sands. In the center of this system, one or more crusher shafts are located. These break up the material and thus prepare it for further processing.

A splined shaft is usually generated by a great number of suppliers in individual manufacturing stages. With our extensive manufacturing possibilities, we could reduce the number of suppliers to one. The product was forged, heat-treated, proved and preprocessed from a single source. The customer then implemented the finishing and installation in his works, and had a fixed point of contact for all requirements.

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