27.04.2010 German flame cutting business expands product range

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Essen (SBB) – von schaewen GmbH, a flame cutting and forging business that specialises in the processing of plates and slabs, is currently expanding its machinery. In doing so the company wants to widen its product line. 

As a result, in the production plant in Wetter a new workshop for the machining of forged products with a diameter of up to 1.8 metres has been put into operation. Currently three machines operate at this site and a fourth is presently being installed according to a manager in the company. Further plants are to follow, we were told. The manager added that there is continuous investment at von Schaewen at present.

At the headquarters in Essen, the welding and flame cutting plant for steel plates have already been overhauled in the past year. At this site S235 and S355 material grades and fine-grain steel can be processed. The company’s flame cutting machines are able to cut plates, slabs and forged blooms with thicknesses of up to 1,400 mm, such as is used in heavy machinery construction, according to the manager. 

von Schaewen has a permanent plate and slabs stock of 30,000 tonnes available. The company is represented in North Rhine-Westphalia with three sites and one plant in Poland. According to information from the manager the business achieved a sales volume in 2008 of 150,000 t and generated revenue of €200 million ($271 million)