30.10.2012 Obituary Mr. Horst von Schaewen

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Horst von Schaewen, senior partner, co-founder and shareholder of Schaewen AG, passed away on 02 October 2012 at the age of 81 years, after a brief but serious illness. 

As co-founder of the group, he devoted his life to its successful development, displaying dedication and foresight. He was a passionate entrepreneur. His excellent technical know-how and innovative ideas, together with his investment confidence, raised our company to its current high standard of technology. He was the one to successfully implement the change from trade to production for Schaewen AG. Due to his efforts, we are now known Europe-wide as a competent partner for production, processing and refining of steel.

His concept of offering customers everything “from one source“, remains our motto and is still a central theme guiding all our activities. He pursued his path consistently and invested in the expansion of the company in new production sites, modern machines and devices, extended service offers and the qualification of company staff.

He was a self-confident entrepreneur with a pronounced sense of responsibility. His work didn’t serve his personal success, but rather the success of the company and the wellbeing of the employees. In this respect, he was uncompromising and committed with heart and soul. He set an example for personal responsibility and expected the same from his business partners and employees.

Virtues such as commitment, performance, trust, openness and competence were firmly anchored in his character. “No sooner said than done – one man, one word” applies fittingly to him. When he was convinced of an idea, he worked with great perseverance and determination to implement it. The direct and vigorous way in which he fought for his conviction was well known even beyond the company borders.

He was honoured with the German Federal Cross of Merit for his long-term voluntary engagement as commercial judge.

Even after the transfer of the company’s management to his son and son-in-law in 2006, he continued to support the company with his wealth of experience and know-how in his supervisory function. Well into his senior years, he was a visionary. With his enthusiasm for technology and construction, he gave the management board important impulses for further development of our company – his life’s work.

To further develop this work in his honour is our duty and responsibility. His person and his work have significantly shaped our company and its employees.