07.02.2013 Durchmesserlinie Zürich

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Tagesanzeiger 19.12.2012


We provided forged steel round bars used as supports for the Löwenstrasse underground railway station near Zurich Central Station.


For the construction of the underground railway station Löwenstrasse near Zurich Central Station we provided more than 150 solid steel round bars which are used as supports (clearly visible in figure 1). The rods made of material S355J2G3 have a diameter of appr. 600mm and a length of up to 5,935mm. With this delivery, we contributed to Switzerland’s largest inner-city construction project, the so-called Durchmesserlinie (“cross-city link“).

This Durchmesserlinie connects the Central Station with Altstetten and Oerlikon railway stations and brings much needed relief to Zurich Central Station as well as timetable stability  throughout Switzerland.

The core of the Durchmesserlinie is the second underground through station Zurich Löwenstrasse, the shell of which was completed on schedule at the end of December 2012. The station is to be built at a depth of approximately 16 meters below the existing platforms 4 to 9 of the Central Station. The new pedestrian passage Gessnerallee is to be built under the existing platforms as well. That passage fulfils a number of functions at the same time: In addition to its function as a shopping floor, it connects Löwenstrasse railway station with the existing through station Museumstrasse and the platforms in the Central Station’s main hall.