Reference Bedplate

flame cutted piece;
flame cutted acc. to drawing;
heat treated;
MTC DIN EN 10204/3.1

Business Activities:
Flat Products

End Use:
nacelle bedplate

250 x 2,600 x 4,000 mm

Raw/Finish Weight: 
12.7 to (finish)

Steel Grade: 
S355J2 + N

Full Description:

This base plate forms the foundation of the machine housing for wind turbines. On it are structured all important components, such as the drive, the gearing, the control, the brakes, the electronics etc.

The special features of this order are the close tolerances during the finishing, as well as the complex coating and priming. With our modern CNC-controlled processing machines, even close tolerances can be realized during the finishing. We take over for our customer the complete organization, extending from the initial material procurement according to customer requirement, through the burning, heat treatment, mechanical processing and coating, to the overseas transport (e.g. to the USA), in one of our partner companies certified and audited regularly by ourselves.

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