Reference Piston Rods

piston rods;
with forged eye;
flame cutted eye;
heat treated;
MTC DIN EN 10204/3.1B

Business Activities: 
Forged Products

End Use:
hydraulic cylinder

diameter 205 mm, length 6,337 mm

Raw/Finish Weight:
2.3 to (raw)

Steel Grade:

Full Description:

Piston-rods are employed mainly in hydraulic cylinders. There the piston-rod is pressed out from the cylinder by means of hydraulic pressure. According to functioning method, the piston-rod sinks back into position using its dead weight or by a spring, or is also taken back by means of hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic cylinders and thus also piston-rods find diverse areas of application. They can be employed e.g. in the construction machine or mining sector, for the raising of a crane or moving an excavator arm, as well as in the offshore area for lifting and lowering a platform.

The special feature with this product is that the piston-rod, with head and the so-called eye, is produced in one piece. Thus the flux pattern between eye, bar and the shaft is not interrupted. This enables savings for our customer in material and thus in costs. In addition, the product is forged, heat-treated, proved, the eye burned to contour and the shaft pre-machined from a single source.

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