Reference Rudder Stock

stepped shaft;
heat treated;
MTC DIN EN 10204/3.2

Business Activities:
Forged Products

End Use:
propulsion unit

max. diameter 655 mm,
total length 5,120 mm

Raw/Finish Weight:
11.3 to (raw)

Steel Grade:

Full Description:

These rudder stocks are employed on ships of more than approx. 6,000 tons displacement and a length up to 140 meters. By means of the rudder stock, which is supported in a rudder trunk, the control movement is transferred to the rudder blade.

The special feature of this order is in the component geometry. The offset stocks have already been forged conically. This improves the mechanical properties of the material in the area of the transitions, as well as on the cone surface, and simultaneously results in savings in material and thus costs.

As a result of our wide-ranging product and service spectrum, from forging, through heat treatment and acceptance through a classification society, extending to the mechanical processing, the order could be implemented from a single source to the fullest satisfaction of the customer.

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