Reference Bucket-Wheel Shaft

stepped shaft;
finished machined;
heat treated;
MTC DIN EN 10204/3.1B
magnetic flow detection acc. to DIN 54130B

Business Activities:
Large-scale mechanics

End Use: 
bucket-wheel excavator

max. diameter 1,680 mm,
length 4,370 mm

Raw/Finish Weight:
24.2 to (raw)

Steel Grade:

Full Description:

This shaft was manufactured for a bucket wheel excavator which is employed in the minehead building in the South-American region. It serves as a support and drive shaft of the blade wheel. The special feature of this shaft is in the high manufacturing extent and the complex mechanical processing. The largest flange of the shaft has a diameter of 1,680 mm. In total, the shaft weighs about 24 t. The material was forged, heat-treated and preprocessed mechanically in our own premises. After the preparatory roughing, a deep-hole bore was made by a partner company regularly certified by ourselves. After this, the tempering and finishing was implemented in our own premises.

All required tests and acceptances were also implemented in our own testing laboratory. Thus our customer had a fixed point of contact for all requirements.

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