Reference Counterweight Plate

Steel construction;
welded acc. to drawing;
primed and coated

Business Activities:
Steel Structures

End Use:
crane construction

approx. 535 x 2,430 x 8,912 mm

Raw/Finish Weight:
22 to (raw)

Steel Grade:

Full Description:

Counterweight plates are employed on mobile or crawler cranes for the stabilization of the crane. Up to several a hundred tons of ballast are loaded on the plates, according to the load to be lifted. This enables the cranes to move weights far above 1,000 tons it.

A counterweight plate is usually generated by a great number suppliers in individual manufacturing stages. With our extensive manufacturing possibilities, we could reduce the number of suppliers to one. The product was heat-treated, burned, proved, welded, pre-machined  and finish-machined, shot-blasted and primed from a single source.

The customer then implemented the installation in his own works and had a fixed point of contact for all requirements.

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