Reference Ballast Plate

Steel construction;
flame cutted components;
welded acc. to drawing;
heat treated;
primed and coated

Business Activities:
Steel Constructions

End Use:
crane construction

1,240 x 2,400 x 4,820 mm

Raw/Finish Weight:
9.9 to (finish)

Steel Grade:
S355K2G4, S690QL und S960QL

Full Description:

A weight take-up plate serves as an under-structure for counterweights on a crane. These counterweights stabilize the crane and guarantee it being able to lift a multiple of its dead weight.

The special feature of this order is the combining of different material qualities to one welded construction. The ingoing material was tailored-cut in our burning operation and provided with bevels for weld preparation. Then the individual components were welded and the joints checked with the aid of non-destructive testing methods. Also the complete heat treatment and material testing could be implemented in our own premises. Finally, the material was processed in our own premises mechanically and shot-blasted and primed by a partner company regularly audited by ourselves. Thus we could take over the project management for the customer and offer everything from one source.

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